Voter Reaction

Voter Reaction

#2 Yoda 181, #1 Darth Vader 142

Top of Form 1 Even though he's like 900 and could barely walk, Yoda would still beat the midicholrians out of Vader's robotic ass. Loved the site! Bottom of Form 1 Top of Form 2 Bottom of Form 2

There are several reasons why Yoda gets my vote. 1) Vader says "destiny" way too often. 2) Mel Brooks always beats Rick Moranis. 3) Size doesn't matter. And 4) The good guy always wins in the end. J. Gervais

Hi guys, Yoda's feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Side! Darth Lairdman P.S: Thanks for putting on this competition. It's been a lot of fun. :)

Who’s tough enough to take on the little green guy and win? Darth Vader. Only he could be so bold. - C. Provost Note to Editor: You're lucky I gave up trying to write a quick parody of the Nine Days Song, Story of a Girl. Thanks for the website. It's been fun.

#2 Yoda 113, #1 Han Solo 97

"Yoda vs. Han... I think we all know who the force will be with on this one." -- J. Gervais

HAN: "I've flown from one side of this galaxy to the other. I've seen a lot of strange stuff, but I've never seen anything to make me believe a green midget can kick my ass or anyone else's." YODA: "That is why you fail." -Hans Olo

#1 Darth Vader 118, #3 R2-D2 104

222 votes and not one commentary submitted? To paraphrase Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China , "C'mon guys we must be doing something seriously wrong here."

#1 Han Solo 105, #2 Chewbacca 54

Why did I vote for Chewbacca when Han Solo is so much more popular? "Because [Han] won't rip your arm off if he loses" -- Han Solo "Artoo, I suggest a new strategy: Let the Wookie win" -- C3PO -- J. Comstock

#2 Yoda 102, #1 Princess Leia 43

"He's Grover, but with Force powers, how can you beat that?" -- C. Edmiston

#1 Darth Vader 187, #2 The Emperor 30

"Vader threw his master down the elevator shaft once. He can do it again." -- Darth Lairdman

#3 R2-D2 117, #1 Luke Skywalker 92

Both of us voted for R2. Why? We're members of the R2 Builders Group () and we have our own R2. After you put that much effort into building a droid you have but only one life.. I mean answer to give. Later, Christina (& Martin)

#1 Han Solo 113, #4 Lando Calrissian 17

"In the battle between scoundrels, the scruffy-looking one wins." -- C. Provost

#1 Princess Leia 140, #5 Qui-Gon Jinn 96

"C'mon....who looks better in a brass bikini?" -- D. Petrie

#1 Darth Vader 200, #4 Stormtroopers 41

"Tell Your sister... you were right.... These Stormtroopers didn't put up much of a fight!!" -- L.Quack

#2 Chewbacca 113, #3 Boba Fett 68

"You said it Chewie, where did you dig up that old fossil?" From the belly of the Sarlaac, that's where. This overhyped minion is toast." -- Venger

"Is it me, or is Boba sporting a new Wookie braid today?" -- G. Foster (It's you, Greg! -- Ed.)

#1 Luke Skywalker 299, #13 Jek Porkins 250

"He may not have some rabid fanclub that comes out of nowhere to support him, but he certainly deserves to make it to the Final 4." -- C. Provost

"I know Porkins has a cult following, but enough is enough, Luke takes him down today!" -- D. Smith

"Sorry, Porkins. If you had survived past the first movie, blew up the Death Star, lost your hand to your father's lightsaber, rescued your friends from a gigantic intenstinal parasite, and then cut your father's hand off with your lightsaber, you might have received my vote." -- D. Lairdman

"I'm voting for Jek Porkins Because he's the Gonzaga of the Road to Endor." -- Erock

#2 Yoda 117, #6 Obi-Wan Kenobi (TPM) 33

No one sent in a commentary today. Yoda, Obi-Wan and our webmaster were seen openly weeping at a local bar, drowning their sorrows in Corellian ale and wondering how they got so damn unpopular.

#2 The Emperor 94, #6 Grand Moff Tarkin 53

"Tarkin actually made decisions, bantered with Leia, and made Vader look like a little b*tch. Palpatine just sat in a chair and looked old" -- Outkast

"Battle of the old dudes! We've already seen Vader go against the Emperor (Vader wins with a full body press followed by the Emperor going over the top rope). Let's see how Vader (assumption) does with Tarkin in the next round. Besides, who else would you expect to find holding Vader's leash (foul stench and all)?" -T. Cox

#3 R2-D2 130, #2 Obi-Wan Kenobi 128

"When the goin got tough, Old Ben just let Vader strike him down. But this little droid suffered through all kinds of hell and still pulled through in the key places where they needed him. Artoo, rollin on into the Elite 8. " -- BTF

"I have to vote for R2-D2. He has just saved too much @$$ not to advance to the next round (i.e. bringing the shields back online for the Queen's ship, deactivating the autopilot for Anakin, delivering the princess' message [to his opponent no less], plugging into the main computer, opening this or that door, putting C-3PO back together, fixing the hyperdrive on the Falcon, shooting Luke his lightsaber, cutting Leia free from Hutt, saving 3PO from S. Crumb, always using his lifeform sensors, cutting the crew out of the ewok net, trying to open the shield generator door....just to name a few things). Not to mention he's (?) been bolt restrained, sucked into a sandcrawler, shot by Vader, shocked by a Bespin power socket, made to serve drinks, fallen into the sand off a sail barge, eaten by a Dagobah creature, left in the rain, tied up by ewoks, and shot by a stormtrooper. 'Nuff said!?!? " --T. Cox

#4 Lando Calrissian 101, #5 Jabba the Hutt 70

"My vote goes to Jabba; the Oprah Winfrey of Star Wars. Rich, powerful, and on a Yo-Yo diet. Through Episode I, IV (Special Edition), and VI he’s fat, he’s “thin”, and fat again. I heard he was going to cut down on the screaming frogs to get back to his ideal weight just before the events aboard his sail barge". -- C. Provost

#2 Chewbacca 129, #10 Salacious Crumb 26

"I'm pretty sure Chewbacca could reduce Salacious to orange goo just by squeezing - and with only one hand. Now if only he'd had the chance to confront Jar-Jar . . ." -- G. Forster

"I'd have to vote for Salacious Crumb based mainly on sense of humor. Chewie takes everything too seriously, and would rip your arms off if you beat him at anything. Meanwhile, Salacious would laugh at your bloody stumps. I guess that makes them both mean, but at least my limbs are safe when I'm with Salacious." -- J. Gervais

#1 Han Solo 161, #8 Greeedo 10

Greedo: "Ootah, tootah, Solo?" Han: "Yes, as a matter of fact I was just kicking your @$$ on my way to the Sweet Sixteen, funnel face." -- T. Cox

"Sorry about the mess...Again." -- T. Fischer

#3 Boba Fett 131, #11 Bounty Hunters 24

"I love how Vader turns directly to Fett and says, in a tone of voice suggesting an exasperated teacher with a repeatedly delinquent student, "No disintegrations!" And you can just barely hear the tone of disappointment in Fett's voice when he says, "As you wish." So much backstory in five little words. : -- G. Forster

#2 Yoda 225, #7 Admiral Ackbar 45

"Mmmm, only good when breaded and fried Ackbar is." -- J. Gervais

#1 Princess Leia 101, # 9 Mace Windu 85

"I voted for Leia because she actually did something in the movies. The only claim to fame that Mace has is that he was played by Shaft." -- N. Hario

#5 Qui-Gon Jinn 122, #13 General Rieekan 51

"Qui-Gon gets my vote, because he almost single handedly sends the galaxy to hell in a hand basket." -- D. Smith

"Rieekan is the definition of 'Battle Hardened General'. He has the gravelly voice, and the gravelly face to match." --P. Jarvis

#6 Obi-Wan Kenobi (TPM) 105, #3 C-3PO 84

"As the only person to realise that jar jar was a pathetic lifeform, obi-wan has to get the vote." -- D. Shiers

"Sir, I'm almost afraid to ask, but...does that include shutting me down, too.....see ya" -- M. Quackenbush

#5 Stormtroopers 99, #4 Senator Palpatine 74

"Why did I vote for Stormtroopers? Because all they know are killing and white uniforms. That's why!" -- T. Perry

"The Stormtroopers were putty in Obi-Wan's hands, while Palpy warped the mind of a queen, and without force powers at that." -- G. Forster

#2 The Emperor 167, #7 Royal Guard 87

"And so, on the Road to Endor, it came to pass that a choice had to be made between the Emperor and his Royal Guards; only one could pass. Whereupon, the Emperor turned to the Guards and said, 'Leave us.' And thus it was decided." -- G. Forster

"C'mon! They're the Royal Guards. They're chosen as much for their loyalty and willingness to die for their master as they are for their skill. The Guards will lose by definition." -- D.B.

#1 Darth Vader 159, #8 Admiral Piett 32

"Vader after crushing Piett: 'Who's your daddy?'" -- L. Quackenbush

#6 Grand Moff Tarkin 121, #3 Darth Maul 113

"Yeah, sure, Darth Maul was a Sith Apprentice. Grand Moff Tarkin had a Sith Apprentice eating out of the palm of his hand!" -- G. Forster

"Although Tarkin would tell me that I 'overestimate Darth Maul's chances' Maul is the natural option. This Horn-headed Sith has given us the best lightsaber action in Star Wars to date, a hard act to follow !" -- R. Wybrow

#13 Porkins 293, #5 Wedge Antilles 271

"Porkins is the king of all Bellyrunners--the stalwart, genius incalculable. And the commandments of the corpulent gourmand are as follows: #1 Thou shalt not partake of de-caf #2 Thou shalt not commit hygiene #3 Thou shalt not commit adulthood #4 Thou shalt covet thy neighbors food #5 Thou shalt not suppress flatulence or belch #6 Thou shalt forego dieting and exercise #7 Thou shalt not have no idea #8 Thou shalt not live by pork alone #9 Thou shalt propagate the universe with pork #10 Thou shalt not take the name of William Hootkins in vain" -- Muuurgh (Wow, our first Togorian voter! - Ed.)

"I voted for Wedge because, unlike Porkins, he actually did something! Porkins was worthless, he sat around and blew up. How hard is it to understand that? It's blasphemy that people would actually prefer him over Wedge, and it's ridiculous that people would vote for him because someone made a shrine to some fat guy with an appropriate name." -- J. Gervais

"The fat guy always gets the shaft. He's always the scapegoat, the rube for the skinny folk of the world. Jek Porkins gave his life and destroyed the Death Star when he collided with it's most vulnerable spot, no not the exhaust vent, the gas tank. The chain reaction that subsequently occurred is the real reason the Death Star blew up. Luke Skywalker took credit for whining and flying. Were Jek Porkins not such a magnanimous deity of feasting and love, he could bend that geek, Wedge, into a certified boy scout knot *and* fly circles around him, all while pouring a glass fo milk to go with his cheesecake. All Hail the Mighty Porkins! " Jade Lemonade, High Archon of the Porkinites

#3 R2D2 129, #6 Tusken Raiders 28

"When the Tuskens laid the smackdown on Threepio in ANH, they didn't count on his enraged counterpart coming back 25 years later on the Road to Endor to take revenge!" -- G. Forster

"And these blast points, too accurate for Sandpeople. Only Imperial stormtroopers are so precise." Let's face it, Imperial stormtroopers couldn't hit the broad side of Leia's fanny for two and a half movies. If the Tusken Raiders are less precise than that, an astromech could take 'em down without even trying." -- R. Kasten

#1 Luke Skywalker 182, #9 Owen Lars 55

"One line says it all, "Well, he'd better have those units in the south range repaired by midday or there'll be hell to pay!" -- Sulli

"Boy after a description like that - I have no choice to vote for Owen. Just imagine how different the movies would be if HE had gone and gotten the droids, rescued the princess, and finally confronted Vader! "C'mere you stupid black amored [%]%[]$ - this is sticking me with your lousy, useless, whiny#$[% son for TWENTY FREAKING YEARS!!!!" -- M Welling

#2 Obi-Wan Kenobi 135, #7 Jawas 28

"Think about it. ... Jawas are instrumental to the plot of A New Hope. If they didn't sell the droids to Uncle Owen, we wouldn't have a frickin story!" -- Hemini, the wise but senile Jawa

"Who's the more popular, the Jedi or the Jawas who follow him?" -- R. Wybrow