Tatooine Bracket

Tatooine Bracket

#2 Obi-Wan Kenobi 103, #15 2-1B 31

"I didn't even know who you were talking about until I saw the picture of the droid. Any character who can show up as a blue ghost in the next two films certainly deserves a trip to the next round." -- K. Shaw

"When you get down to it, Obi-Wan, while an ass kicker in his youth, is just an old man. Old white humans are not cool, but robots are. Be careful, Sir, or you aren't going to make it to the next round." -- D. Simpson

"Purely because of the poor taste displayed by ITV news here in England, when Alec Guinness died. Of all the clips they could have shown in tribute, they chose the bit where Obi-Wan, referring to himself, says to Luke 'Oh, he's not dead... hmmm, not yet.' Guinness deserves better, and defeating a medical droid in an internet poll goes a small way towards redressing the balance." -- P. Jarvis

"Ben Kenobi has his faults - mainly problems telling people what they need to know. As Luke's rushing off to face Vader at Bespin, does Ben say, 'Gee Luke, before you run off, you should know that Vader's yer pa...' No. He simply spouts off something about not giving into the dark side. And think of what we -and poor Luke- would have been spared if, when Luke said 'She's beautiful..' Ben would have simply said, 'Yeah - and she's your sister, so don't go getting any ideas!' Obviously, Ben has a lot to answer for. However- punishment should not include losing to some minor droid." -- J.A. Clarke

"The original Obi-Wan was the best. He always knew the best thing to say, and how to get people to say it (These are not the droids you are looking for...). And besides he is the best friend to make, especially when he gives you a lightsaber right after he saves you from being taking apart by a bunch of Sandpeople. I wish my Grampa gave me a lightsaber!" -- PCJedi

#1 Luke Skywalker 104, #16 Power Droid 43

"I'm shocked that you print such foul language on your site. Surely you're aware that the 'G-word' uttered so frequently by the Power Droid is a slur against anthropomophic droids. Why do you think that droid in Jabba's Palace was torturing him with such gusto? I voted for Luke, despite his overall whininess, to reward his sterling purity of vocabulary." -- G. Forster

"Why would a droid 'scream' with just a little warmth on the feet? R2 made it through laser hits and jolts from the imperial bunker not to mention 2 tons of sand in the hinges." -- J.Storey

"I voted for the power droid because Luke is just a little whiny b_tch who needs to be taken out back and slapped around for a little bit." -- N. Hario

"Well, that power droid is pretty hot...but Luke's more my species....go figure." -- J.A. Clarke

#13 Porkins 98, #4 Anakin Skywalker (TPM) 54

"Four words: (Scottish accent) GET I MY BELLY!!!!!!!!" -- C. Swanek

"Yes friends, it is I, the man, the myth, the slam dancer, Jek Porkins. It warms my spleen to see a matchup such as this. I voted for myself, of course, not only because of my devistating good looks, but also because of my superiority to Anakin in all things. First, to paraphrase Wedge, look at the size of that kid. You're telling me that a child not tall enough to see over the counter at McDonalds and not wide enough to ever have eaten at McDonalds should win over me, the Master of the Phat? Also, I'd like to say, that this helps me correct a grave injustice. Long has the Skywalker family attempted to overshadow the saga of the Pork. No longer. Thank you Road to Endor, for putting the Pork on top where it belongs (with some sauerkruat and mashed potatoes. . . and fries. . . and chicken fat. . . and haggis. . . and. . . )" -- Jek Porkins, The Porkins Home Page

"Give me Jek Porkins. It takes manly courage for a man with the name "Porkins" to be 280 pounds and walk around using his real name. And among fighter pilots no less! If only he'd bailed out when he should have." -- G. Forster

#5 Wedge Antilles 120, #12 Ric Olie 8

"I voted for Wedge not only because he's so cool, but also because he has the best line in Star Wars that never made it to the screen. In the original script, when Luke brags about bullseyeing womp rats back home, Wedge calmly asks: "Did the womp rats shoot back?" Anybody who can take the air out of Luke Skywalker's balloon that quickly has my vote!" -- G. Forster

"You realize that Wedge's shot into the power regulator on the north tower was the straw that broke DS2's back. Lando's shot was totally worthless; it was Wedge's target that mattered. Notice in TPM what Anakin takes out on the droid ship reactor? Looked like a northerly-inclined power regulator to me..." -- K. Henscheid

#6 Tusken Raiders 124, #11 Aunt Beru 52

"Anybody who puts up with a whiner for a nephew and an old coot like Owen deserves to win. Besides who ever says they are going to run home to a Tusken Raider. NO ONE!" -- R. Marker

"It was a tough call. Beru had a lot going for her: the blue milk, putting up with Owen and a whiny Luke. She's a tough character in my book, but I had to go with the Tusken Raiders. The Raiders survive in the desert without much help, they have the banthas (which have to stink like nobody's business) and they still have the geekiest laugh." -- Bull

#3 R2D2 110, #14 Dack 9

"The importance of Dack -- If it wasn't for Dack, Luke would never have used his lightsaber for the first time against the Empire, slashing a hole in the hull of that AT-AT and tossing in a grenade. If he hadn't done it, perhaps he wouldn't have so aspired to learn more of the Jedi art ... never gone to see Yoda. Then the galaxy would be lost. Thanks for dying, Dack." -- J. Storey

"'Dack? Dack?' That's right, Luke, Dack ain't listening to your orders anymore. Mainly due to the fact that he got his ass kicked by the baddest little droid in the known Star Wars universe. C3PO may have to tell him to tone down his cursing, but anybody who's survived as much and conquered as much as the blue bot can go ahead and cuss up a blue streak." -- D. Simpson

"Had to vote for R2, the most reliable astromech droid in the Galaxy, poor old Dack couldn't take on Salacious B. Crumb 'by his self', never mind the Empire" -- R. Wybrow

"Hey, when Dack can pull an arc welder and pincher claws out of his stomach, then he can have my vote." -- R. Marker

#9 Owen Lars 160, #8 Shmi Skwywalker 102

"Oh... Who are we suposed to feel sorry for more here? Shmi because she gave up her son or Owen because he had to put up with Luke? I dont think he took any troopers with him because insted of a flash grenade, a goofy trooper through a thermal detonator down in his house. Shmi by a mile." -- Ted

"Your description of Owen tells it all, and that's why I voted for him." --D. Smith

#7 Jawas 284, #10 Biggs Darklighter 159

"The Jawas are a great race because of their ingenuity and entrepeneurship. Why should a droid be allowed to roam freely across the wastelands of Tatooine? They shouldn't, and while they're keeping the droids in line, they're making a little profit too." -- J. Storey

"If it hadn't been for Biggs, Luke never would have wanted to leave and be a pilot and the Rebels would have lost!" -- R. Nelson

"There was always something just a little too 'porn-star-ish' for me about Biggs, I mean c'mon, the scarf, the thick moustache? You kept waiting for him to ask Luke if he wanted a massage!" -- B. Sampson

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