Death Star Bracket

Death Star Bracket

#1 Darth Vader 134, #16 Captain Needa 16

"Vader's got my vote, because first of all he has got to be the best movie villan of all time. Secondly...that black armor just looks so cool. Needa told his crew to continue their search for the Falcon while he went to apologize to he actually thought he would be back!" -- T. Cox

"After an entire of saga of inducing suffocation on his underlings, Vader has finally reached the end of the line. It's fitting that the most decent and polite of his victims would be the one finally able to turn the tables and cause Vader to choke. My vote's for Needa to pull a huge upset!" -- M. Kersten

"Captain Needa your pulse no longer appears on our scopes." -- R. Wybrow

#5 Stormtroopers 85, #12 General Veers 74

"I'd have to vote for Veers over the stormtroopers based on aiming skills alone. Veers fires two shots and knocks out the Rebel power generators. Stormtroopers fire dozens of rounds (while doing their 'I'm going to get shot' for it) and can't hit anything. Sheesh, 'Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise?' How about, 'After drunken Ewoks and a sun-baked Bantha, only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.'" -- Bull

"Why was Veers standing so close to Vader? Because the man does not know fear! But what really put him over the top was his striking level of professionalism. In an Imperial Navy evenly divided between incompetent sniveling kiss-ups and incompetent rabid fanatics, General Veers did his job quickly, quietly and with maximum self-assurance. Try to imagine any other Imperial saying 'You may start your landing' to Lord Vader with quite the same dispassionate confidence that Veers had. You can't do it!" -- G. Forster

"Yes Lord Vader you may start your landing" , it almost sounded like he was barking an order at the Dark Lord! However despite being a little clumsy, not as precise with their blasters than Obi Wan thought and bashed by a bunch of teddy bears the Imperial Stormtroopers get my vote." -- R. Wybrow

#6 Grand Moff Tarkin 128, #11 Destroyer Droids 90

"Anyone who is not afraid to say 'Vader, release him!' must have two things dangling between his legs the size of Cadillacs." -- P. Rodrigo

"I really hate to vote against the Rolling Spiders of Death, because man, they were cool. But I can't possibly vote against the Grand Moff. No other man in the Empire - not Palpy, not Vader, nobody - had a sharp enough wit to keep up his end of a conversation with Princess Leia. Tarkin did it without breaking a sweat." -- G. Forster

"I don't think anybody was really sold on Skeletor being a bad ass, what with his accent and all. There was not one person that didn't say, 'That's freakin' awesome!' after seeing the destroyer droids in action for the first time. 'Where are those droidikas?' Why, they're in the next round!" -- D. Simpson

#2 Emperor Palpatine 141, #15 Battle Droids 15

"I enjoyed TPM, but the basic problem with it was that the evil legions of doom marching out to conquor the galaxy were CUTE. Even cuddly. That doesn't really make for much of a 'menace.' Put these stick figures against Old Wrinkly himself? No contest." -- G. Forster

"His overconfidence is his weakness, your faith in the droids is yours." -- S. Crull

"Palps was THE bad guy in Star Wars. Forget old Darth. The Emperor was SO mean, he made Vader go back to the good guys after seeing Palps pummel his son. His look, his voice, the lightning from his fingers, all made him the baddie of all baddies in the Star Wars universe." -- PeteHawk

#7 Imperial Royal Guards 80, #10 TIE Fighter Pilots 64

"So the Royal Guards look really cool, but what do they DO exactly? I mean, they're body guards for the Emperor - a man who arguably does not need protection. What are they going to do, jab their little sticks at some would-be assasin, while the Emperor just throws some force lighting and fries the guy? The more likely circumstance is that these guys are there for the Emperor to force choke when he feels like it. I mean, you don't think Vader came up with the "kill the people under you so you look cool" game, do you? My vote goes to the Tie Pilots- guys who actually know their stuff." -- J.A. Clarke

"TIE Pilots -- These bastards have some balls. No shields, no torpedoes. Yet they still get only a 7 to 1 death ratio against the Alliance." -- J. Storey

"Being assigned to guard the most powerful person in the universe has to mean you are worth something. You look at a TIE Fighter pilot and you immediately think Space Fodder!" -- M. Duynhoven

#4 Sen. Palpatine 75, #13 Biker Scouts 72

"It takes a pretty gutsy SOB to not only strap yourself to one of those Wiley E. Coyote contraptions and certain bravery to take on a Jedi Knight with one of them. Hats off to you biker scouts!" -- PCJEDI

"I voted for the senator because he looks and sounds like an old boss I had, plus he has that Mr. Burns "evil genius" quality. If Palpatine folds his hands together and goes 'Excellent' in Episode II, I'm going to pee my pants." -- K. Shaw

"I voted for Palpy. They say the devil hath the power to assume a pleasing form, and boy is this one ever pleasing! Put aside all the cool stuff mentioned in the description. My vote goes to anyone who can get close enough to Amidala to whisper sweet (or in this case nasty) nothings in her ear. -- G. Forster

"Possibly the mightiest force user in the Galaxy pitted against some of the worst drivers in the Galaxy, no competition Palpaltine wins, hands down. Those Biker Scouts should remember, look ahead at all times and never fall for the tap on the shoulder trick !!" -- R. Wybrow #3 Darth Maul 128, #14 Admiral Ozzel 19

"Just look at the guy. He is one of those clueless middle-management types that keeps getting promoted at least as high as their lowest level of incompetance. But once in that position, you feel sorry for him when you see that he can not figure out the office filing system and then you help him. Then you help him again, the next thing you know you are doing two jobs. So to get out of this little mess, you help him get promoted yet again, just to get him out of your outfit. Hence, my vote goes to Ozzel, because you just kinda feel bad for the clueless guys." -- C. Stinson

"Maul.....the name itself refers to the type of hammer you use to put some serious damage on something. And a little thing about Ozzel...he was one bad salesman...."My lord, there are so many uncharted settlements. It could be smugglers, it could be thieves...." It could be ticking the Lord of the Sith off!" -- PCJedi

"I went ahead and joined the small minority of people who voted for Ozzel. nI may not like Ozzel too much, but I just about hate Darth Maul. He was hyped up so damn much, and then got three lines and his ass handed to him." -- Knasty Mike

"Even if it wasn't one-sided due to Maul's force abilities, lightsaber technique, and martial arts skills, the one overwhelming factor that pushes it into Maul's favor is BAD ORAL Hygiene. Ozzel's only defense is to impose Colgate/Aquafresh and a Tic Tac or four against Maul!" -- M. Duynhoven

#8 Admiral Piett 199, #9 Nute Gunray 15

"The best thing about Piett is that he knows that keeping your mouth shut is the quickest way to succeed in the Imperial Navy! However retiring from being Admiral has a lousy pension plan." -- PCJedi

"I prefer a British caricature to an guilt-inducing Oriental one. If it weren't for Piett, the audience wouldn't fill so conflicted as they watch Vader at the end of ESB, just before he stalks off the screen. Two things run through their minds: 1)he's so angry that he didn't catch his son, and 2) he's so angry he just might kill our friend." -- L.B. Silver

"I gave it to Nute, because they're both enormous kiss-ups, but Nute managed to kiss up without even having any lips!" -- G. Forster

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