Coruscant Bracket

Coruscant Bracket

No. 7 Admiral Ackbar 174, No. 10 Mon Mothma 47

"Mon Mothma? C'mon - she did NOTHING. "Many Bothans died to bring us this information".... and? So what - IT WAS THEIR JOB! They're SPIES for crying out loud! Ackbar didn't sit around bawling about a few dead spies - he led the first and only full frontal assault on the Empire. This wasn't 30 some odd snub fighters - this was the whole freaking FLEET! And when he noticed that it was a trap, did he turn around and run away? HELL NO - he took on a Super Star Destroyer! Darth Vader's personal SHIP! Mothma may have looked excited at the prospect of killing the Emperor too, but it was Ackbar that went in shooting." -- M. Welling

"Hmmmmmmm, which one should I vote for, the politician who led the entire Rebel fleet into an Imperial trap, or the admiral who held the fleet together long enough to give Han time to get the shield down, destroying the Executor to pass the time while he waited? Think, think!" -- G. Forster

No. 2 Yoda 156, No. 15 Sio Bibble 8

"Oh, please, spare me. "We're a democracy - the people have chosen!" Yes, and now the people can go ahead and carry out their decision, for the .01 seconds they'll still be alive before droidekas blast them to oblivion. Yoda is a great moral teacher; Sio is just self-righteous." -- G. Forster

"Weird Al Yankovic dedicated a song/parody to the green muppet. 'Nuff said!" -- M. Duynhoven

No. 13 General Rieekan 104, No. 4 Queen Amidala, 91

"Suppose there's no General Rieekan. Then there's no one to think "it's dangerous for any ships to leave the system before we've activated the energy shield." Leia has no excuse to keep Han around. Han takes off, leaving Leia alone with her brother, right around the same time she starts macking with him. When the Imperials attack, Leia has to get off Hoth on a regular transport, which takes her safely to the rendezvous point with no detour through the asteroid field where she can fall in love with Han. So she meets back up with the fleet and is eventually joined by Luke, who still has the hots for her after their kinfolk kissing back on Hoth. Meanwhile, Leia's forgotten all about Han, who pays off Jabba and gets another smuggling gig. So Luke and Leia marry and are too distracted by their kids with three toes and nasty overbites to care about the second Death Star. Not that it matters, because without "the fastest ship in the fleet," there's no hope of destroying it anyway. So I think we have to give the match to Rieekan." - Hans Olo

Well, it seems that Her Majesty remembers a few things from her early days: disguise and killing. Both learned at the hands of Leon, The Professional. Rieekan doesn't stand a chance. He is going to be "cleaned." -- Tommy

No. 6 Obi-Wan Kenobi (TPM) 133, No. 11 Boss Nass 18

"I went ahead and joined the small minority of people who voted for Boss Nass for two reasons. First off, Obi Wan really didn't do much of anything for the entire flick. Also, Big Boss Nass *would* be a really cool WWF name." -- Knastymike

"The look on Darth Maul's tatooed face after getting sliced in half by Obi-Wan is reason enough to vote for him!" -- R. Smithson

No. 1 Princess Leia 142, No. 16 Chancellor Valorum 14

"On reflection, this isn't about Valorum as it is about Zod, but you know they were really the same guy. After being cast out of office, Valorum changed his name and went to live on Krypton, where due to the anger and bitterness he felt toward his 'friend' Palpatine, he turned to a life of treason and crime. 'Beware the Dark Side' never proved more true." --- T. Pomerico

"Leia: For the wit. For the beauty. For the courage. For the expert medal draping. But most of all for the HAIR!" - G. Forster

No. 9 Mace Windu 220, No. 8 Jar Jar Binks 40

As this is a family website, quite a few emails were dismissed from the running for this page because of their heavy use of profanity ... apparently there are a few Pulp Fiction fans on the Road to Endor.

"After watching and listening to Jar Jar Binks I now understand why remote controls come equiped with both Mute and Fast Forward buttons " -- P. Rodrigo

"You're kidding right? The only way that he could beat Mace is if Binks spit on him from his speech impediment and gave Mace an infection." -- D. Tobey

"I voted for Jar-Jar, but only because I think the whole Jedi Council is a bunch of stuck-up arrogant snobs." -- J. Comstock

#5 Qui-Gon Jinn 142, #12 Captain Panaka 15

"Grouchy though it was, I found Panaka's stubborn loyalty to the Queen over some arrogant bigshot Jedi touching. However, I had to vote for Qui-Gon. I loved when Obi-Wan told him not to defy the Council "again". So much backstory crammed into one little word! Plus, everybody in the Star Wars universe talks about blast doors, but only Qui-Gon ever did anything about them." -- G. Forster

"There's too many of them"....."This is a battle I do not think we can win." If it had been down to Panaka he would have handed Naboo to the Trade Federation on a plate, compare this guy to Qui Gon Jinn the epitome of a Jedi, there is no contest." -- Rob Wybrow

#3 C-3PO 94, #14 Ki Adi Mundi 50

"Call me a bigot if you like, but I just can't vote for a man whose noggin is shaped like a loaf of French bread. Threepio all the way." -- G. Forster

"C-3P0 is just too annoying to continue in this bracket. I would enjoy a long Kessel run with my toaster more that I would with ol' Goldenrod." D. Tobey.

"An annoying, conceited, over-talkative droid or a powerful Jedi knight of the Jedi Council. I'll take the Jedi any day. One swift swing of the saber and, swoosh, Chewie goes back to work on reassembling 3P0." -- BTF

"He should have been blasted more than 20 times in the opening scene of Star Wars while trying to run across the corridor, he was beaten down by a The Master Crumb Rat, he was the God to hundreds of overstuffed Teddy Bears, He rubbed elbows for a little while with King Jabba, and he was easily the girl-figure in the marriage with R2.... But with all that said and done, he can speak 5,999,999 languages more than me, so he narrowly wins my vote." -- P. Rodrigo

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