Bespin First Round

Bespin First Round

No. 1 Han Solo 132, No. 16 Sy Snootles 8

"Han vs Sy Snootles?! "Chewie, switch over...let hope we don't have a BLOWOUT!" Sorry, Sy...gone in true #16 seed fashion. "Sorry, sweetheart...I haven't got time for anything else." -T.Cox

No. 5 Jabba the Hutt 93, No. 12 Nien Numb 61

"Hey, anyone who sounds like Ozzy Osborne and looks like a 2-pack a day unfiltered cigarette smoking, overeating, chronic sunbather gone bad, who still gets to hang around with smokin' hot chicks in gold bikini's get's my vote every time." -- D Tobey

"Jabba gets my vote for that moment in TPM when he amuses himself by flicking one of those little rodent things that he eats off the balcony, still alive, so he can watch it fall to its tiny, insignificant doom." -- G. Forster

No. 4 Lando Calrissian 128, No. 13 Captain Tarpals 17

"Man of mystery, master of disguises, lover of beautiful women, and not a bad shot either. Lando is all this and much more. Also to be noted- the man can wear a cape without appearing like a dolt." -- J.A. Clarke

No. 11 Bounty Hunters 161, No. 6 Watto 56

"Sure, your first impulse is to vote for the bounty hunters, but think about it. Who did they work for? Vader. And who did Vader work for? That's right, Watto. So obviously following this logic, Watto should win." -- B. Skrehart

"Bounty hunters....yes, we DO need their scum!" -- Jer Jer

No. 10 Salacious Crumb 106, No. 7 Sebulba 49

"Maniacal Laughter trumps a cheating little Jeff Gordon wannabe any day!" -- D. Petrie

"Who could vote against the trilogy's very own Id-in-residence? Salacious represents the highest development of humanity, the peak of aesthetic and philosophic refinement: to laugh maniacially at the misfortunes of others." -- G. Forster

No. 2 Chewbacca 140, No. 15 Weequay 4

"I suggest a new strategy, Weequay. Let the Wookie win." -- G.Forster

"Chewie isn't being slowly digested over a thousand years... Read it and weep, Skiff-boy." -- R. Gaultier

No. 8 Greedo 110, No. 9 Bib Fortuna 50

"Well, neither of them could speak basic, but anyone who has had hand to hand combat with Vader must get my vote. Bib was very weak minded even though his head appeared to be bulging with brains!" -- R. Wybrow

"I gave it to Greedo because his native language sounds cooler - try saying "Oo-tah Goo-tah, Solo?" or "Somm bee-ta lay!" - and because he managed to get out one good line, a snappy comeback to Han Solo no less: "Over my dead body." "That's the idea." -- G. Forster

No. 3 Boba Fett 113, No. 14 Oola 30

" I once again joined the losing side of this competition. As with Darth Maul, Boba Fett isn't really as cool as propaganda or Fan Boys would have us believe. Five lines and less action than Ray Park. Oola is hot and can dance pretty damn well. That wins my vote." -- Knastymike

"Oola is a trend setter. Boba just wears dirty scrubs revealing nothing but his hand-me-down redneck styling." -- D. Meickle

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